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A new standard in Medical Headlights

The next level of innovation is available now!

Our new CURVLIGHT makes your work easier and improves the result of your work and the clinical outcome.


Designed ® and Manufactured in Germany.


We ensure a clear field of vision with optimal, shadow-free illumination of your work area - all day long and without changing batteries.

We focus on the essentials:

Compact, lightweight and enormously bright light systems with powerful batteries. Additionally, the safety is provided by optimal cleaning options due to waterproof structure.


Our innovative design with the use of high-quality, sustainable materials is also aesthetically pleasing. 

We guarantee:


  • Crystal clear, natural light through the use of high-resolution optical glass and an LED with the highest CRI value of 92+.

  • the absolutely high-contrast representation of the finest structures in the tissue surface

  • homogeneous, sharply defined light area

  • fatigue-free working over longer periods of time



  • Color temperature: 5.500 K

  • CRI value: 92+

  • Brightness: 58.000 Lux / WD 35cm

  • Spot size: 80mm / WD 35cm

  • LED lamp weight: 22g (without headband)

  • Quick adjustment of height and angle 

  • excellent cleaning due to waterproof design

  • Battery life: up to 9 hours

  • Battery change in less than 5 seconds

  • Brightness control in 5 steps with Boost mode

  • optional UV filter 


With our battery life of up to nine hours, the battery is sufficient for a whole day.


For this we have installed the highest quality lithium ion batteries with integrated battery monitoring.

The replacement of the battery can be done within seconds.

We have also used high quality aluminum alloy in the battery pack to ensure EMC compliant operation and thorough disinfection.

The plug connection is made possible by a locked push-pull connector, for a secure connection. 

Intuitive operation is provided by the embossed buttons, making them easy to identify without looking.

LED indicators provide feedback on battery level and the five brightness levels. 

The slim, ergonomic design provides multiple, comfortable carrying options in a chest or pants pocket, on a belt with optional belt clip, or worn with a shoulder strap. 



Complement your loupe with an excellent light system.


Our light systems are designed for use with loupe systems from various manufacturers. We will supply the adapter for your existing loupe system.

Just let us know which loupe system you use.


Adapters for Zeiss EyeMag Smart and Zeiss EyeMag Pro systems are always available.


We also offer adapters for loupe systems from

ExamVision, PeriOptix, Surgitel, starMed, UniVet and many other manufacturers.


Just tell us what system you are working with today and we will help you with our high quality light systems!


Wieth Medical Systems e.K. is an owner-managed company, developer and manufacturer of medical products.


It is managed by the partners Stephan Wieth and Matz Wieth and is further developed strategically on a consistent basis.

Stephan Wieth is a veteran of medical technology with over 30 years of experience building markets, companies and products in this difficult but rewarding field. GI endoscopy is his preferred field.

Matz Wieth graduated as a mechanical engineer. His open mind, honesty and excellent communication skills, as well as his demand for teamwork creates the trust, the basis to any business relationship.


With these positive qualities and his knowledge, he is able to set challenging but realistic goals and successfully manage projects.


Wieth Medical e.K. is a developer of its own medical products, but also a development service provider for the medical technology industry and your future partner!

We accompany your idea from the concept over the feasibility study up to the approval and serial production.
Our internal experts, as well as an interdisciplinary partner network, develop your idea up to the fully functional product.


With structured and methodical support, a high degree of innovation in conception, excellent mechanical development and system integration, outstanding know-how in medical technology and reliable project implementation, we support you in your project.

Short communication channels and professional project management lead to fast results. We can provide prototypes and components, or entire products for a quick start of production.

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